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Renewable Solutions for Green villages in Central Asia

We asked ourselves “How to bring energy access to rural Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic?” Of course, the energy would have to be green and renewable as it provides immediate solution for electricity access.  So we invited energy experts and decision makers from these two countries for a study tour to Croatia to work on possible solutions.

One interesting parts on the schedule was the visit to Primary school Ostrog in Kaštela which was a part of the succesfull crowdfunding campaing resulting with thermal insulation, LED lighting and a full roof of PVs.

Well, the focus of the study tour was to find solutions for energy access in rural areas, development of green SMEs with the focus on small size, distributed systems and cheap solutions. The technology introduced would have to be renewable and efficient and includes “do it yourself” solar thermal systems, rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters, small and large photovoltaic power plants, energy efficient cookstoves, small hydropower plants, energy efficient lighting, efficient agriculture and introduction of solar and rocket mass heater heated greenhouses and biogas power plants.

What we did:

  • ✓ Organisation of study tour

  • ✓ Meetings with policy makers

  • ✓ Meetings with governmental bodies

  • ✓ Visit to different RES sites in Croatia

  • ✓ Visit to DIY small scale RES technologies

  • ✓ Methodology of crowdfunding RES projects