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TERRA HUB – za prirodu i društvo, ljude i planet, zajedno.

Smatramo da je klimatska kriza najveći izazov vremena u kojem živimo.

I zato radimo na tome da povezujemo različite aktere bitne za promjenu, potičemo, razvijamo i njegujemo suradnje, potičemo dijeljenje znanja, kreiramo informativan ili edukativan sadržaj koji prenosi znanstvena istraživanja prema različitim javnostima te kreiramo i sudjelujemo u aktivnostima koje vode prema budućnosti otpornijoj na klimatske promjene.

Cilj nam je informirati, educirati i uključiti građane i različite skupine zainteresirane javnosti u izgradnju promjene. Potičemo javni dijalog kako bismo stvorili svijest o tome da svi imamo problem, ali i da postoje rješenja već danas samo moramo djelovati. Vjerujemo da je moguće stvoriti održiviju i otporniju budućnost, ali samo zajedno, suradnjom te našim odgovornim informiranim odlukama i akcijama. Vrijeme za promjene je upravo sada.

English version

TERRA HUB – for nature and communities, people and planet, together. 

We think that the climate crisis is the biggest challenge of the present.

We facilitate connections, foster collaborations and share knowledge, we create outreach to share research of scientists and we support actions that lead to climate-resilient future.

We aim to inform, reach and engage people, we foster public dialogue to create awareness that we all have a problem, but also that there are solutions. We can create a more sustainable and resilient future but only together with our decisions and actions. The time for change is right now.

At the same time, we know that only a bit more than 2% of Croatian citizens recognize the environment and climate change as a problem, although 80% are worried about climate change, as other research shows.

This tells us that there is no enough awareness and understanding of causal relationships between nature and society, environment and economy. The topic is largely ignored in public space hence most people continue with business-as-usual daily lives expecting that someone else will solve the issues and “repair” the planet. We know that this is not going to happen. For sustainable future we need empowered people with knowledge and understanding, to work together, innovate, collaborate, transform and make informed decisions and choices today.

This is the space for our activities.

Since 2016. in our work we always explore the right combination of tools and approaches and we work to engage a broad range of stakeholders and partners in Croatia and across borders.

Our mission is led by UNFCCC, UN CBD, Agenda 2030, Paris Climate Agreement and the EU Green Deal. In 2018-2022 we were a consortium member of the EIT Climate-KIC Hub in Croatia, the largest European knowledge and innovation community for climate, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS). We are a member of the National platform for solidarity and development cooperation CROSOL. We share values, resources and work close with Green Energy Cooperative ZEZ.

Our favourite project output is Čuvarkuća, the first thematic radio show about people and climate in collaboration with radio Yammat FM.

In 2022, Čuvarkuća won a special recognition of the national Green Prix award, established by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Croatia.

More about our projects is in our annual report here and here.

Our flagship projects

  • Adriatic Plastic Challenge (with many various partners)
  • Living Streets (with Energy Cities, powered by EUKI)
  • EIT Climate-KIC RIS Hub Croatia (with REGEA and UNIZG CIRTT, co-funded by EU-EIT)
  • Stand-up for climate campaign (with Pedja Bajović stand-up powered by US Embassy Zagreb)
  • METAR do bolje klime – thematic network for climate (with DOOR&Co. powered by ESF)
  • 112 za klimu i “Oči u oči” – events pre-COP26 (with many various partners)
  • 2050 Emission Pathways Explorer (powered by ECF)
  • Solar literacy (with ZEZ, powered by US Embassy Zagreb)
  • Čuvarkuća (with Yammat FM, powered by many various partners)

Our Partners

We see our donors and beneficiaries as partners. Together we want to show how development can be sustainable and find ways to make the Agenda 2030 possible. Here is a list list of all the entities that we work with.